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Steps for availing Stand-Up India Scheme


  1. This portal provides information to a potential borrower on various kinds of handholding support from different agencies and also provides a window to get in touch with Banks for availing loans
  2. The Applicant first clicks to ‘Register’ and answers to a few short questions on the Registration Page of the portal.
  3. Based on the response, the Applicant would be classified as a Trainee Borrower or Ready Borrower. Applicant would also be given feedback on his/her eligibility for Stand-Up India loan.
  4. A trainee borrower / ready borrower may then choose to Register and Login through the portal.
  5. Upon logging in to the portal, the borrower is taken to a Dashboard where Applicant is shown Lead District Managers (LDMs) and Stand-Up India Connect Centres to help him/her
  6. Borrower may choose to seek suitable hand-holding support and depending on the type of support needed, coordinate with the Help Centres.
  7. Steps to seek hand-holding support :
    1. Search for Help Centres (SUHCs) based on State and District (location) chosen during Registration.
    2. Select hand-holding agencies
    3. Send request through the portal or contact the SUHCs directly using details provided.
    4. Applicant may also choose to contact the SUCCs/LDMs, to follow-up on his/her request.
    5. Payments (if any) for all services availed by the Applicant from Stand-Up India Help Centers (SUHCs) is to be made directly to the agency concerned.
    6. Applicant may change any chosen handholding agency, if required, after giving feedback on reasons for change.
    7. Applicant may report completion of service and provide feedback.
    8. Facility of uploading various documents like KYC documents, detailed project report etc. are available through the portal which would help the banks in appraisal of the proposal in accordance with their norms.
    9. Choose banks to apply for the loan (option to choose upto 3 banks in order of preference is provided)
    10. Application number is generated and intimated to the Applicant. The application is made available on the portal and the bank preferred as 1st choice is intimated as the applied Bank. The 2nd and 3rd choices of banks are also informed.
    11. The information regarding loan application is also forwarded to the linked SUCCs and LDMs.
    12. All banks participating in the portal can select the application for processing and feedback on these actions would be available to the Applicant and also to the linked SUCCs and LDMs. The feedback would contain the following information:
      1. Bank and Branch name and status with date of the following:
        1. Picked up for Processing
        2. Sanctioned
        3. Regretted
        4. Disbursed
    13. Loan may be sanctioned only if it conforms to the bank norms.
    14. The Applicant may follow-up with the bank chosen directly [office] and may also be required to submit additional information / documents directly as required by the bank.
    15. The Applicant may also follow-up regarding the application through the SUCCs and LDMs.
    16. The SUCCs / LDMs may also monitor the applications and follow-up with the banks.